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End Boss: A short Story

Collected Short Fiction

Artifacts: Shorts

Contamination Event (Short Story)

Conmergence: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction

Zeppelins West

[en] Zeppelins West Subterranean Press
Joe R. Lansdale,

The Breath of Suspension

[en] The Breath of Suspension Arkham House
Jablokov, Alexander,

The Mountains of Key West

[en] Big Show
Keith Laumer,

The Robot Is Running Away From the Trees

The Beast of Space

Tall Tales on the Iron Horse

Shipwreck in the Sky

The Finding of the Graiken

The Deadly Daughters

Shakespeare in Hell

[en] Shakespeare in Hell
Amy Sterling Casil,

The Terror From the Depths

[en] The Terror From the Depths
Sewell Peaslee Wright,


[en] Indirection
Everett B. Cole,

The Infra-Medians

[en] The Infra-Medians
Sewell Peaslee Wright,