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[Mein Vertrauter Fremder 01] • Die Ritter des schwarzen Schwans

[de] [Mein Vertrauter Fremder 01] • Die Ritter des schwarzen Schwans dba 7th House Publishing, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
Danann, Victoria,


[en] Nocturnal Crown Publishers
Sigler, Scott,

Midnight Liaisons · Zur Gefährtin erwählt

[de] Midnight Liaisons · Zur Gefährtin erwählt beHEARTBEAT by Bastei Entertainment
Clare, Jessica, als_Sims, Jessica,

[L. A. Vampires 01] • Nephilim

[de] [L. A. Vampires 01] • Nephilim bookshouse Verlag
Carpenter, Tanya,

A Reluctant Witch in The Land of BDSM: Racked and Ravished Threeway

Breed   The Secret Design To Maintain Racial Inequality Among The Despised Classes

True Irish Ghost Stories

[en] True Irish Ghost Stories Start Publishing LLC
John Seymour,

Dark Light of Mine

[en] Dark Light of Mine Raven House
Corwin, John,

Witch Blood

[en] Witch Blood Penguin
Anya Bast,

Eternal Captive: Mark of the Vampire

Sera's Gift

[en] Sera's Gift
Tracy Cooper-Posey,

New Moon

[en] New Moon Entangled Publishing, LLC
Lisa Kessler,

Cannot Unite

[en] Cannot Unite
Jackie Ivie,

Dearly Beloved


[en] Leandros eXtasy Books
Jade, Celia,

Getting Wet

[en] Getting Wet eXtasy Books
Zenina Masters,

With Just Cause

Christmas Goose

[en] Christmas Goose eXtasy Books
Zenina Masters,

The Legend of the Blue Eyes

This Man and Woman