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Kafka L'avvoltoio

[it] Kafka L'avvoltoio Franco Maria Ricci
Kafka, Franz, Borges, Jorge Luis,

Tutti i romanzi, i racconti, pensieri e aforismi

[Beach Reading 06] • California Dreamers[ 6 Beach Reading]

[Beach Reading 06] • California Dreamers

Tamarind Mem

[en] Tamarind Mem Algonquin Books
Badami, Anita Rau,

Tell It to the Trees

[en] Tell It to the Trees Knopf Canada
Badami, Anita Rau,

A Man Called Ove · A Novel

[en] A Man Called Ove · A Novel Atria Books
Backman, Fredrik,

[The Jim Shalabon Playlist 01] • Little God Blues

[Hamish Macbeth 15] • Death of an Addict

The Wedding Chapel

[en] The Wedding Chapel Bon Accord Press
Andrews, Caroline,

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

[nl] Jonathan Livingston Seagull Scribner
Bach, Richard, Munson, Russell,

The Bridge Across Forever · A True Love Story

[en] The Bridge Across Forever · A True Love Story William Morrow Paperbacks
Bach, Richard,

The Bridge Accross Forever

[en] The Bridge Accross Forever William Morrow Paperbacks
Bach, Richard, Zilli, Edith,

The Face

[en] The Face Restless Books
Baca, Jimmy Santiago,

Listening to Billie

[en] Listening to Billie Vintage
Adams, Alice,

A Spark of Light

[en] A Spark of Light Random House Publishing Group
Picoult, Jodi,

Crazy Rich Asians

[en] Crazy Rich Asians Doubleday
Kwan, Kevin,

La Voce del Padrone

[it] La Voce del Padrone Bollati Boringhieri
Stanislaw Lem,

[In Death 7.50] • Silent Night

[en] [In Death 7.50] • Silent Night Jove Books
Roberts, Nora, as_Robb, J.D.,

La macchina del tempo · L’isola del dottor Moreau  · L’uomo invisibile · La guerra dei mondi