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[Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood 01] • Werewolf Romance · Forgotten Flower

[Fletcher Variable 00] • Damage Control

[en] [Fletcher Variable 00] • Damage Control Smashwords Edition
Blakney, Mary Jeddore,

[Punk Faction 01] • Punk and Disorderly

[en] [Punk Faction 01] • Punk and Disorderly Smashwords Edition
Blakeston, Marcus,

The Water Castle

[en] The Water Castle Walker Childrens
Blakemore, Megan Frazer,

The Calling

[en] The Calling Patagonia
Blanchard, Barry,

[DarkWorld: SkinWalker 05] • Scorched Fury

[The Fighting Anthonys 03] • Barracuda

[The Fighting Anthonys 04] • SeaHorse

[en] [The Fighting Anthonys 04] • SeaHorse Bitingduck Press
Aye, Michael,

[The Imprecation of Wizards 01] • The Imprecation of Wizards :Red Dream

Repossessors of Souls

[en] Repossessors of Souls Geeks on Ink
Ayusso, Danae,


[en] Journeys Blue Feather Books, Ltd
Azel, Anne,

[Valkyrie 02] • Dead Embers

[en] [Valkyrie 02] • Dead Embers Evolved Publishing
Ayer, T.G.,

The Dragon's Banner

[en] The Dragon's Banner System 7 Publishing
Allan, Jay,

[Crimson Worlds Refugees 04] • Winds of Vengeance

[Far Star Trilogy 02] • Enemy in the Dark

[Far Star Trilogy 01] • Shadow of Empire

[Crimson Worlds Successors 02] • The Prisoner of Eldaron

[Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy 01] • Ambush at Corellia

Desire on the Run

[en] Desire on the Run Red Lily Publishing
Allen, Jade,

The Chronicles of Aallandranon · Episode One - Ant-Lion