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[en] Vagabond HarperCollins
Bernard Cornwell,

The Last Kingdom

[en] The Last Kingdom HarperCollins
Bernard Cornwell,

The Pale Horseman

[en] The Pale Horseman HarperCollins
Bernard Cornwell,

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 7: Sharpe's Revenge, Sharpe's Waterloo, Sharpe's Devil

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 6: Sharpe's Honour, Sharpe's Regiment, Sharpe's Siege

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 5: Sharpe's Company, Sharpe's Sword, Sharpe's Enemy

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 4: Sharpe's Escape, Sharpe's Fury, Sharpe's Battle

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 3: Sharpe's Trafalgar, Sharpe's Prey, Sharpe's Rifles

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 2: Sharpe’s Havoc, Sharpe’s Eagle, Sharpe’s Gold

Sharpe 3-Book Collection 1: Sharpe's Tiger, Sharpe's Triumph, Sharpe's Fortress

Sword Song

[en] Sword Song HarperCollins
Bernard Cornwell,

The Grail Quest Books 1-3: Harlequin, Vagabond, Heretic

Time and Again

[en] Time and Again RecordedBooks
Jack Finney, Paul Hecht,

In the King's Name

[en] In the King's Name McBooks Press
Kent, Alexander,

Man of War

[en] Man of War Random House
Kent, Alexander,

Heart of Oak

[en] Heart of Oak McBooks Press
Kent, Alexander, Reeman, Douglas,

Relentless Pursuit

[en] Relentless Pursuit Random House UK
Kent, Alexander, Reeman, Douglas,

Sword of Honour

[en] Sword of Honour Random House
Kent, Alexander,

Cross of St George

[en] Cross of St George Random House
Kent, Alexander, Reeman, Douglas,