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Masters of fantasy

[en] Masters of fantasy Riverdale, NY : Baen Pub. Enterprises ; c2004.
Bill Fawcett, Brian Thomsen,

The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Sixteen Original Works by Speculative Fiction's Finest Voices

The riddle-master of Hed: fantasy

[en] The riddle-master of Hed: fantasy Sidgwick and Jackson
Patricia A. McKillip,

Synaptic Manhunt (Mayflower science fantasy)

The Dragon Slayers - An Erotic Fantasy Adventure

The Maids of Wrath

[en] The Maids of Wrath Word Fire Press
Josh Vogt,

Fiddler Fair

[en] Fiddler Fair Baen Books
Mercedes Lackey,

Zeppelins West

[en] Zeppelins West Subterranean Press
Joe R. Lansdale,

The lone drow

[en] The lone drow Wizards of the Coast
R. A. Salvatore,

The Guardians of the Flame

[en] The Guardians of the Flame Baen Books
Joel Rosenberg,

Conmergence: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction


[en] Windwalker Wizards of the Coast
Elaine Cunningham,

Paladin of souls

[en] Paladin of souls EOS
Lois McMaster Bujold,

The Forest House

[en] The Forest House Roc
Marion Zimmer Bradley,

The Chaos Curse

[en] The Chaos Curse Wizards of the Coast
R. A. Salvatore,

The Tangle Box

[en] The Tangle Box Ballantine Books
Terry Brooks,

Turn Coat

[en] Turn Coat Penguin Group
Jim Butcher,

The Elvenbane

[en] The Elvenbane Tom Doherty Associates
Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey,

The War God's Own

[en] The War God's Own Baen Books
David Weber,

Angel fire east

[en] Angel fire east Ballantine Pub. Group
Terry Brooks,