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Arrive at Easterwine: The Autobiography of a Ktistec Machine

Holy Sci-Fi!: Where Science Fiction and Religion Intersect

The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins

[en] The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins Random House
Irvine Welsh,


[en] Filth Random House
Irvine Welsh,

Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance

A Decent Ride

[en] A Decent Ride Random House
Irvine Welsh,


[en] Vagabond HarperCollins
Bernard Cornwell,

Four Novellas of Fear: Eyes That Watch You, the Night I Died, You'll Never See Me Again, Murder Always Gathers Momentum

Intimacy and Midnight All Day: A Novel and Stories

Bridge to Haven

[en] Bridge to Haven Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Francine Rivers,

De bons présages

[fr] De bons présages Ninjava
Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman,

La porte d'Abaddon

[fr] La porte d'Abaddon Éditions Actes Sud
James S. A. Corey,


[fr] Gravité Le Bélial'
Stephen Baxter,


[en] Timescape Spectra
Gregory Benford,

The Sirens of Titan

[en] The Sirens of Titan RosettaBooks
Kurt Vonnegut,

The Forever War

[en] The Forever War HarperCollins
Joe Haldeman,

The Drowned World

[en] The Drowned World HarperCollins UK
J. G. Ballard,

Star Maker

Star Maker Gollancz
Olaf Stapledon,

Martian Time-Slip

[en] Martian Time-Slip Origin
Philip K. Dick,

Man Plus

[en] Man Plus Gollancz
Frederik Pohl,