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Hawkmoon: The Jewel in the Skull

[en] Hawkmoon: The Jewel in the Skull Tor Books
Michael Moorcock,

The Broken Sword

[en] The Broken Sword Hachette UK
Poul Anderson,

Drawing of the Dark

[en] Drawing of the Dark Del Rey
Tim Powers,


[en] Beauty Spectra
Sheri S. Tepper,

The Blood Mirror

[en] The Blood Mirror Orbit
Brent Weeks,

Veiled Empire

[en] Veiled Empire HarperCollins
Nathan Garrison,

Master of Death

[en] Master of Death Games Workshop
Josh Reynolds,

Death Mages Ascent

Tears of a Heart

[en] Tears of a Heart Createspace
Chase Blackwood,

The Forge of Men

[en] The Forge of Men Pacific Crest Publishing
Caleb Wachter,

Khirro's Journey: The Complete Trilogy

[en] Khirro's Journey: The Complete Trilogy Best Bitts Productions
Bruce Blake,


[en] Dragonworld Bantam
Byron Preiss, Michael Reaves,

Towers of Midnight

[en] Towers of Midnight Tor Books
Robert Jordan,

The Gathering Storm

[en] The Gathering Storm Tor
Robert Jordan,

The Strike at Shayol Ghul

The True Game

[en] The True Game Ace Books
Sheri S. Tepper,

Ascendant's Rite (The Moontide Quartet #4)

Echoes of a Shattered Age

[en] Echoes of a Shattered Age Word Fire Press
R. J. Terrell,

A crown of swords

[en] A crown of swords TOR
Robert Jordan,

A Dance of Chaos (Shadowdance series Book 6)