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The Awakened Kingdom

[en] The Awakened Kingdom Orbit
Jemisin, N.K.,

On the Run

[en] On the Run
Paul Westwood,

The Stone Sky

[en] The Stone Sky Orbit
Jemisin, N.K.,

Bible stories for adults

[en] Bible stories for adults New York : Harcourt Brace & Co., c1996.
James Morrow,

Monsters of Men

[en] Monsters of Men Candlewick
Patrick Ness,


[en] Eternity Gollancz
Greg Bear,

Song of Edmon

[en] Song of Edmon 47North
Adam Burch,

The Door Through Space

[en] The Door Through Space Aegypan
Marion Zimmer Bradley,

The shattered chain

[en] The shattered chain Gregg Press
Marion Zimmer Bradley,

The Colors of Space

[en] The Colors of Space Aegypan
Marion Zimmer Bradley,

King's Man

[en] King's Man Hachette UK
Angus Donald,

Code Name:  Agent Madrid

[en] Code Name: Agent Madrid Lauren A. Johnson
Lauren A. Johnson,

Stolen Centuries

[en] Stolen Centuries
Otis Adelbert Kline,

Sketchbook (A Tale of Adventure and Romance in the Brazilian Amazon)


[en] Twinkle Dan McGirt
Dan McGirt,


[en] Habilitation
Gustafson, A.,

Shelf Life

[en] Shelf Life
Dearing, S.L.,

Swept Away: A Krinar Story

[en] Swept Away: A Krinar Story Mozaika Publications
Anna Zaires,

Cloudfyre Falling - a dark fairy tale

The Spy's Daughter

[en] The Spy's Daughter Orbit
Adam Brookes,