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Programming Android

[en] Programming Android O'Reilly Media
Mednieks, Zigurd, Dornin, Laird, Meike, G. Blake, Nakamura, Masumi, Laird Dornin, G. Blake Meike, Masumi Nakamura,

Beyond the Spectrum

[en] Beyond the Spectrum Amazon Digital Services
Boileau, G.W.,

[The King Brother's 01] • Izzy's Beginning

Compañía de sueños ilimitada

[Missy the Werecat 06] • Missy's Operation Lily Pad

[en] [Missy the Werecat 06] • Missy's Operation Lily Pad CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Allison, P.G.,

Synchronic · 13 Tales of Time Travel

[en] Synchronic · 13 Tales of Time Travel David Gatewood
Bunker, Michael, Hooke, Isaac, Quinn, Susan Kaye, Cole, Nick, Gurley, Jason, Robertson, Edward W., Belateche, Irving, Nuttall, Christopher G., Ellis, Jennifer, Christy, Ann, Miranda, MeiLin, Peralta, Samuel, Tozzi, Eric,

Das schmutzige Dutzend

[de] Das schmutzige Dutzend Vanessa G.
G., Vanessa,

The Everlasting Man

[en] The Everlasting Man gwbooks
G.K. Chesterton,