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[Savage MC 01] • Riding Angel

[Savage MC 01] • Riding Angel


Savage MC – Biker erotic romance

**Nikka is the police chief’s wild and wayward daughter and Cox is** the hot vice president of the local motorcycle club.They are not meant to be together. Especially not when gang wars threaten *Savage MC*.

**Daddy’s good little girl was **what Nikka was, exactly as she was supposed to be, until at school she discovered what fun daddy’s bad little girl could have. Then in college she figured that the bad boys had the keys to the funhouse. She was not ready for how bad *these* boys were.

**Can Nikka’s passions for Cox** overcome the obstacles, and can she keep him from discovering her deadly secrets?

Warning: *This novella tells the erotic adventure story of rough, wild motorcycle club biker and it includes graphic and explicit depictions of sex in several varieties, involving a lovely young pole-dancing cheerleader, a rough, hot biker, and other beautiful girls with some *very* rough motorcycle club members. Some are harsh and all are vivid, and this story is intended for mature readers ONLY aged 18+.

**The first three *Savage MC* short stories are re-edited and included here as parts of the longer, deeper tale for which they were originally written.***