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Sexy to Go Volume 8 (11 Sexy short erotic stories)

Sexy to Go Volume 8 (11 Sexy short erotic stories)

Sexy to Go Volume 8 will heat your e-reader faster than the sun on a scorching August day. Whether friends to lovers make you swoon, a fake romance steals your fantasies, you prefer your geeks with a hint of naughtiness, or haughty controlling billionaires are more your style, this month's collection of 11 shorts will make your pulse race, and take your breath away.

bFirst Class part 3 by Jocelyn Dex/b

First Class, Part 3 by Jocelyn DexWhen Shay begins feeling like a call girl instead of a sexually progressive woman, she decides to put a stop to the sexcapades in the boss’s office. But, when Max turns on the charm, will she stand her ground or bend to his will?

bLandscapes of Love Part 2, by Virginnia De Parte/b

Sally’s new gardener had demonstrated how well he handled her needs, over and above those required in her garden. Would her desires be fulfilled again this week?bGeek Overboard, #3 by Kathryn Lively/b

Natalie could get used to playing the role of celebrity wife, but when fans want details of her life with Daws it gets sticky. Who knew a fake relationship was so much work?

bDreamwalker: Mind Games by Pamela Moran/b

As a medium, Jana, the newest Dreamwalker, is used to hearing voices in her head. But when the latest voice insists she warn his twin, Brant, of impending danger, she's left in peril of losing her heart to the sexy, top-secret researcher. 

bRewriting the Law, Part 6 by Daisy Banks /b

Ansgar’s fears he may lose his precious mate multiply as they are called to the capital. The debate with all the High Commissioners and the Melan females is full of dangers. He will not willingly be parted from Elana, but if she demands to leave he must let her go. All the happiness in his life hangs on the outcome of these meetings and Elana’s will.

bFire Woman by Haley Whitehall/b

Tempest Killian is cast out of her coven for being unable to control her power to create fire. Transported to a remote snowy mountain she arrives at the door of Raven a reclusive man who claims he's her mate. Is he a madman or are they fated to be together?

bTo Have and to Hold, A Charlie and Daisy by Sofia Grey/b

Daisy feels like she's living a dream--engaged to the man she loves, and wearing a gorgeous ring as a reminder. But with the wedding planner from hell, and Charlie's insistence they marry sooner rather than later, Daisy worries her happily ever after may be over before it even starts.

bThe Billionaire and the Bellhop by Eva Lefoy /b

Billionaire Arianna Reynolds checks into a swank NYC hotel and meets the bellhop of her dreams.

But Dylan Bartelli is no ordinary bellhop. The genius car maker will spin her party girl life around.

bFriend Zone by Sorcha Mowbray/b

Quinn’s honeymooning with his dream woman. Too bad he was back-up for his best friend, Kara, whose fiancé cheated. But, with seven days and six nights in paradise can Quinn make the leap from friend to lover? Or will he be stuck in the friend zone?

bGLBT STORIES/b    bWrapped in Ribbon by Shiloh Saddler/b

Finally, Daniel's life is looking up. With money in the bank and his lover healed, he wants to celebrate. He gives James the present he's wanted to give him for years and is surprised by the present James gives him in return.

bOn the Sly, Part 3 by Leigh Ellwood /b

Missed connections leave Colin free for the evening, and free to track down the Jackson Park Jumper once and for all. Looks like he'll need Tru's help after all.