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[John Grimes: Far Traveller Couriers 02] • Galactic Courier

[John Grimes: Far Traveller Couriers 02] • Galactic Courier

Chandler, A. Bertram,
space opera, action & adventure, science fiction, general, fiction,
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Number three in a three-volume collection of the legendary John Grimes of the Galactic Rim series. If space travel is going to be anything like sailing the oceans, then A. Bertram Chandler has surely caught its absolute essence in his Grimes novels. Here are the crowning tales of Grimes’ career – the Grimes “Rim Commodore” stories. In these tales, Grimes has found his true calling out on the edge of galactic civilization. He’s the sheriff of a realm where pioneer colonies and parallel dimensions overlap, and a starship captain must be prepared for adventure in ALL possible worlds.

Includes an astounding (as in, mostly published in *Astounding* and *Analog* by legendary editor John W. Campbell) cornucopia of Grimes novels bringing together all previous Commodore Grimes tales in *Star Courier, To Keep the Ship, Matilda’s Stepchildren, Star Loot*.

**About A. Bertram Chandler and the John Grimes series:**

“SF’s answer to Horatio Hornblower.” —*Publishers Weekly*

“As Asimov chronicled the Foundation, as Heinlein built his Future History, so Chandler constructs the epic of the Rim Worlds.” —*Analog*

“[Grimes] establishes a loyalty in his readers rather similar to that felt by readers of Hornblower. Indeed [Chandler’s] space operas are among the most likeable and well constructed in the genre. . . .” —*The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction*