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[The Immortal Prophecy Saga 01] • Immortal Prophecy

[The Immortal Prophecy Saga 01] • Immortal Prophecy

** *The prophecy has been foretold...* **

** *Her destiny has been written...* **

** *Her fate has been sealed...* **

Alessandra Decosta was just your average sixteen year old girl,

until she took a fateful visit to a fortune teller. What happened that night would alter the course of her life forever...

Five years later, Alessandra, now a private investigator,

was doing what she thought was a routine stake out...It was to become anything but.

Without any real warning, she found herself in the clutches

of the evil vampire, Vincent.

Just as she expected to die, James Carlisle, the smouldering

immortal that had haunted her dreams and thoughts for the last five years saved her from certain death with only a moment to spare.

Her memories of the horrifying encounter are removed and its

only when she meets James again at a masquerade ball, does she begin to have flashbacks of her brush with Vincent and the intoxicating Immortal that saved her life.

Alessandra is the only thing that stands between the immortals, the guardians of the human race and the vampires, the destruction of all mankind.